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Kristian (Mugge), Casper (Søgaard), and Jakob (Nasser) are friends and neighbours and share a friendship based on humour and irony, and as all other young men, they all take a great interest in film, sports, girls, sex and partying.
They also share, however, some seriously challenging living terms; all three of them suffer from Progressive Muscular Dystrophy, and thus - with a pinch of characteristic black humour - refer to themselves as the ”Skin and Bones” guys.
They live their lives strapped to wheelchairs, on which various devices and equipment are attached which enable them some mobility and constantly blow essential air into their fragile bodies.

They are surrounded 24-7 by professional helping and caring hands to help them pee, shit, eat, and dress; but it’s impossible for them to enjoy any form of private life, so for obvious reasons it’s difficult, bordering on impossible for them to find love - and sex.
Nevertheless they all three share an amazingly great zest for life. Being bent on living to the full - however short their lives may be - they also exhibit much more serenity on the issue of death than so many others.

The Danish film director Michael Staal Dinesen has followed the three guys during four years, and his film is an honest and boundless account of the challenges that the three men are facing. But also a wonderful and heart-warming celebration of life against all odds.

“We're alive!!... I'm fine. - This is great!”
Casper Søgaard, on the way to Berlin



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For Kristian, Mugge and Nasser, three young Danish guys, an eagerly awaited road trip to Berlin is a welcome change from the everyday routines. A trip which brings promise of parties and sex – and if there’s any time left – a bit of sightseeing. They plan to go to discos, get drunk, but also get notably affected by their normally suppressed frustrations of not being able to do what other young people do, since they all suffer from Progressive Muscular Dystrophy

The trip is the ultimate limit of what is possible in the limited world of the ‘Skin and Bones’ guys. Together with their peers and helpers they embark on the Tour On Wheels heading for Berlin.
So what happens when they finally get laid? - Imagine not being able to move and being forced to live a life in desperate need to be touched by others than the many faithful helpers, and more intimately.
- Is buying sex what it takes?

It turns out to become the tour of a lifetime. The moments of finally letting go in Berlin are juxtaposed with the guys’ earlier talks of their extraordinary living conditions, of archive photos from their childhoods when they still seemed to be quite normal kids and their parents talking of their boys’ painful situation.

We see who the young guys were and who they have now become, physically and mentally. They confide to us their first experience of falling in love, the ever looming longing for a girlfriend, the dreams and wildness they can never outlive on their own. We also witness the grief and loss of a dear friend of theirs, but also their acceptance of their grim destiny and persevering will of life, despite the merciless conditions.

‘Skin and Bones’ is a painful but vital and heart-warming portrait of three very unusual men of amazing strength.

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Winner of best Documentary -SPOT film

Left: Janus Metz (jury), Michael Dinesen (Director of Skin and Bones), Pernille Fischer Christensen (Jury)

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